Celebrate the wonder & magic of art with us by joining our special class -

Art Discovery with Famous Art Masters

Pablo Picasso

Vincent van Gogh

Andy Warhol

This class will explore the works, history, techniques and more of these 3 famous and revered artists. It will expose your children to various mediums and art methods, enhance their creative skills and boost their confidence and social skills through sharing an art gallery session.

Choose to book your session from the dates below or form a special group of 8 friends to have exclusive usage of our studio!


1-3 June | 8-10 June
13-15 june | 15-17 June


3 Days @ $330 ($380)
(with free snacks and drinks)


Group 1: 7 to 12 years
Group 2: 12 to 18 years


2 – 5pm