Here's what's in store for your little ones:

Mason Jar Craft

Kids will transform the humble mason jar into a Christmas themed piece of art using a wide range of materials. They will bring to life - a Snowman, Santa Claus, and a Reindeer!

Build social skills

Who says pasta is just for the dinner table? In this fun & creative project, children will use pasta of all shapes and sizes to create uniquely Christmas decorations like wreaths, Christmas trees and more!

Strengthen confidence

For this inventive project, kids will use the unique shape of their own hands to make paper cutouts and then transform them into fun little Christmas characters, like Elves, Snowmen, and Reindeer!

Improve fine & gross motor abilities

We realize that every child's imagination is unique & wonderful in its own way! So in this project, children get to bring to life their very own vision of Santa Claus through the medium of canvas painting!

Improve fine & gross motor abilities

Who doesn't love Christmas trees? This project is a chance for your little one to create their own mini Christmas trees out of paper plates and decorate them with the help of their wildest imagination!

And the Christmas fun doesn't just stop here! There's so much more to look forward to:

  • Christmas Games and Carols
  • Last day mini dress up party with snacks and drinks
  • Visit from Santa Claus
  • Each child needs to bring their own gift(valued at $10) for the gift exchange with peers on the last day.

So ring in this festive season with a creative twist!