Make Abrakadoodle Your School's Academic Art Program

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Abrakadoodle Academic Art Programs are offered at more Charter Schools, Elementary Schools and Pre-K programs than any other program.

A Tested Curriculum
You can feel confident that you are providing a standards-based program through Abrakadoodle's Art in Our World. Not only does the program exceed the National Standards for the Visual Arts but it also includes cross-curricular lessons in the areas of Math, Literacy, Science and Social Studies. 
An Inspiring Abrakadoodle Teacher
The Abrakadoodle Academic Art Program provides a teacher who meets your requirements and is trained in both the execution of the Abrakadoodle standards-based curriculum and the development of personal creativity in students. We handle the hiring, training, compensation and supervision of the teacher so you don’t have to.
Impressive Gains for Students
Results in the Abrakadoodle Academic Art Program have been validated by an independent testing service which conducted both pre and post testing on first and sixth grade students participating in an Abrakadoodle Academic Program for the first time.  Overall the students showed a seven percent increase in performance on the most widely used and accepted Scholastic test of creative abilities.
A Comprehensive Program
Abrakadoodle’s comprehensive Academic Art Program provides students with experiences with a wide variety of materials, techniques, styles and more. Students use specialty materials (such as bamboo brushes and embossing materials), learn about contemporary and master artists, explore art from around the world, work in 2 and 3 dimensions and much more! A team of experienced artists and educators design the Abrakadoodle curriculum. They focus upon providing a balanced program that sequentially builds both skills and knowledge. The program simultaneously develops educational and artistic skills. 
An Advantage for Your School
Schools including Charter Schools up to Grade Eight, Public and Private Schools all across the country are incorporating the Abrakadoodle Academic Art Program into their school offerings so that they can provide the very best art education program for their students and promote their school’s art program as one of their school’s premier educational benefits for students.
A GREAT value
The development of the Abrakadoodle Curriculum cost over one million dollars. We are continuously adding new lessons, materials and experiences to enhance and grow our curriculum offerings. Your school receives the complete benefit of this outstanding program, the comprehensive research and the quality design!